Ipswich boxing club engages children, young people and adults amounting to around 200 different attendees throughout the year

We are a non profitable community club with no outside financial backing other than funding from trust funds and support organisations.

IBC is affiliated to and governed by England Boxing (EB). Their details can be found at www.abae.co.uk. Extensive literature and documentation is available from their site.

Each participant at the club pays £3.00 per session and on average the sessions will have 30 participants.

The participants are taught basic boxing skills and cardio fitness is heavily incorporated within the session.

Once the coaches are satisfied that the participant can maintain a defence and are registered with EB they will be asked if they would like to take part in light sparring. This process usually takes up to a season at the gym to develop.

At the start of the second season the participant will be asked if they would like to progress to boxing. At this point IBC will register the participant onto EB registration web site and is given a medical before being recognized as an amateur boxer.

There is then a strict regime for who, when and where the boxers can box.

The coaches at the club have to under go a level 1 course before they are qualified . The coaches must hold a valid first aid certificate and an enhanced DBS check. All volunteers and coaches at the club must also hold a safeguarding certificate and be first aid competent.

The outgoing costs cannot be met by the incoming subscriptions. Boxing clubs therefore put on shows either as an open show or a dinner show.

The secretary Martin Cherrington and coaches Jason, Donna, Monju, Barry, Rob and Gus give their time to keep the club running. Coach numbers are now at a suitable level to reflect the class sizes.

Community benefits of our activities:

We see participation in boxing training as a platform to deliver several social outcomes.  Many of the children / young people (boys and girls) that attend often come from low income families and have few male role models within their immediate families.

The advancement in self-discipline, motivation, improved physical fitness, mental wellbeing and practical achievement participants experience extends into their school work, work places and at home.  Indeed, some young people suffer from bullying and/or at risk of anti-social behaviors and boxing provides diversionary activity and also improvement in self-esteem, they also develop new friendships and contribute to our club’s sense of camaraderie.

Ipswich Boxing Club demands a high level of individual physical commitment, does not tolerate any form of prejudice and recognizes differing levels of ability whilst involving every participant at a level suitable to their attributes.

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